Starlite Autism Center

Bringing Our Children From Darkness to Light


The mission of the Starlite Autism Center is to advocate, counsel, train and aide families and individuals who experience autism.



To establish, maintain, and conduct public awareness about autism. Providing families the resources to parenting, fathering, mothering, developing healthy relationships and promoting ongoing education in the fields of chaplaincy, psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, professional counseling along with cultural worldwide awareness of how public awareness impacts all of society.


Established September 12, 2015, SAC. is located in San Antonio, Texas. The decision to begin SAC was based upon needs within the community of San Antonio and includes a wide variety of programs to include the following:



Coaching: Integrating life skills that foster self-sufficiency and independence.

Mental Health Services: Direct care and resources for the uninsured, under-served and impoverished.

Leadership: Provide tools and skills to develop individuals to become a leader in every aspect of their life.

Parenting: Strengthening family relationships.


Veteran- based autism services: Counseling and other mental health services.


Wellness: Acupuncture, Exercise/ Fitness, Massage, Nutrition



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